The Tao of Fully Feeling: Harvesting Forgiveness Out of Blame - Pete Walker - A Short Summary & Review


A short summary of The Tao of Fully Feeling:

How to develop emotional intelligence, even though your parents suck.

My favorite Pete Walker quote from the book:

"Children cannot experience the raw, ongoing pain of parental rejection and still maintain the desire to live."

Questions to ponder while reading The Tao of Fully Feeling:

Have you been able to overcome your childhood trauma?

Have you been able to forgive yet?

My review of the book:

Goes directly into the challenges facing those raised by bad parents.

A good process of grieving and recovery.

I, personally, think that a close relationship with God, as well as a community to worship with (and replace the family ties), is integral to healing. However, it sounds like the author had a really bad experience with it.


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