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Locker Room Behavior

I had a first - at least I think it was a first, perhaps I have experienced this 100 times and didn't pay attention until this once.

I entered the locker room at the same time as a woman with an Adam's apple.

There was a brief moment of what do I do? (I am quite disappointed with myself that I even hesitated).

A trans-gender girl is just that, one of the girls.  No need to run screaming out of the locker room, that would make everyone uncomfortable.

But what happens if the woman is say "pre-surgical"?   To which I answer, ladies - who hasn't seen a penis?

Besides, proper locker room etiquette makes a "pre-surgical/post-surgical" question irrelevant.

As a refresher, proper locker room etiquette is as follows:

1. This isn't your home bathroom, don't act as if it is.
2. There is no need to wave your bits about.
3. Do not ogle other people's bits, you either have them, or have seen them.
4. Give everyone personal space to change without feeling…

A Book to Read and Love: The Immortals by Tracy Hickman - Summary & Review

A short summary of the book The Immortals: Internment camps, virus style.

Questions I pondered while reading The Immortals: When have internment camps ever been a good idea?
Shouldn't important decisions be based upon more than a tweet?
My thoughts about The Immortals: This could so happen.
We need to research media posts.
Internment camps are always and forever a NO GO.