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Flag and National Anthem Etiquette

Tis the season for football, and during the opening of one of the games, I noticed that only about half the people in the stadium, including the players did not have their hands over their hearts.

This immediately spurred a “nuh-uh” bicker between my husband and I, as well as a corresponding Google search.

I had always thought that proper behavior around the flag was based upon customs and etiquette, I learned, however, that there is a U.S. Code dictating behavior in regards to both. 

Title 4 of the U.S. Code tells you how to care for, handle, when to stand and how to carry the flag.  Title 38 will tell you how to behave during the National Anthem and just like I didn’t realize there are US Codes for patriotic observation, I also realized how little I knew about it.

You definitely need to stand and place your hand over your heart (or salute if you are military) during the National Anthem.  I also learned that you are supposed to be silent from the first note to the last, despite the…

A Book to Read and Love:The Story of My Life: Helen Keller - Summary & Review


My Pretty Cake

These days everyone is to busy to bake.  It’s a shame, because purchased baked goods don’t seem to have the same sense of love that homemade baked goods have.
Personally, I am not a fan of bakery cakes or boxed cake mixes.  I think they are to sweet. I feel the same way about heavy buttercream frostings and fondants. 
I love crumbly, coarse, rustic cakes with whipped cream and fruit, the kind that go well with ciders, espressos or a good cabernet.
mirabile dictu *Note* This recipe is designed for 6,000 FT above sea level.  Reduce flour, liquids and/or adjust cooking times for your altitude. Ingredients: Cake (serves 9 to 10): 1 cup almond milk3.5 oz. dark chocolate (70% cacao or greater), broken into pieces2 cups & 2 tbsp. spelt flour1/2 tsp. sea salt1 tsp. baking soda1 cup dark brown sugar1 cup sugar1 cup coconut oil3 large eggs1 tsp. vanilla extract Whipped Cream: 4 oz. cream cheese1 cup whipped cream1/4 cup sugar1 tsp. vanilla Raspberry Filling 10 oz. frozen raspberries2 tbsp. …

A Perfect Cup of Tea

My first social outing after I moved to Colorado was to my new Daughter’s of the American Revolution Chapter’s monthly meeting.   It was there I met Miss Suzie, she was the current Chaplin, pro-tem. 
I could tell from the start that she was awesome.  She had a delightfully sweet personality and an almost wickedly belligerent sense of humor.  It may sound like an impossible personality, but imagine a perky older lady who would openly bicker with her sister and offer a ready hug and kind word, along with a cute little jab, to anyone who needed it. 
She was also very ill the entire time that I knew her.  
For her memorial, her sister had a tea party. It was such a wonderful way to close the life of Miss Suzie, amongst friends, with tea and cakes, on pretty dishes.  It was so peaceful and charming and was full of lively chatter and laugher, instead of only tears.
Mirabile dictu