Reluctantly Home - Imogen Clark - A Short Summary and Review

Upstairs at the White House: My Life with the First Ladies - J.B. West - A Short Summary & Review

A short summary of the book Upstairs at the White House:

The secret lives of the North Portico.

My favorite J.B. West quote from the book:

"The secret was loyalty to the White House and to the Presidency, rather than to whoever happens to be occupying the office for four years, or eight"

Questions to ponder while reading Upstairs at the White House:

Did you realize the White House was also a museum?

Did you realize how fragile the building is?

My review of Upstairs at the White House:

I learned that meals aren't a perk for Presidents.

I learned that the Presidents and their First Ladies are human.

I learned that Sir Winston Churchill favored *lots* of exposure.

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