Life of St. Monica - F.A. Forbes - A Short Summary and Review

The Red Tent - Anita Diamant - A Short Summary and Review

A short summary of the book The Red Tent:

Dinah and the parts of her story the bible didn't talk about.

My favorite Anita Diamant quote from the book:

"Death is no enemy, but the foundation of gratitude, sympathy, and art. Of all life's pleasures, only love owes no debt to death."

Questions to ponder while reading The Red Tent:

Did you look this up in the Bible?

Don't you wish there were more stories about biblical women?

My thoughts about The Red Tent:

(a review)

I had to re-read Dinah's story in Genesis, it isn't long.

I love historical fiction.

I am thinking of installing a red tent in my backyard.

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