Never Lie - Frieda McFadden - A Short Summary and Review

The Happiness Hypothesis: Finding Modern Truth in Ancient Wisdom - Jonathan Haidt - A Short Summary & Review


A short summary of The Happiness Hypothesis:

The common ethical threads that contribute to happiness worldwide.

My favorite Jonathan Haidt quote from the book:

"One of the most consistent lessons the ancient sages teach us is to let go, stop striving, and choose a new path. Turn inward, or turn toward God, but for God's sake stop trying to make the world conform to your will."

Questions to ponder while reading the book:

Do you follow a source of ancient wisdom?

Are you happy?

My review of The Happiness Hypothesis:

One of the best arguments for the interweaving of ethics and happiness.

A wide range of philosophies was examined.

Some threads were a little hard to follow.

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