Never Lie - Frieda McFadden - A Short Summary and Review

What Hath God Wrought - The Transformation of America 1815-1848 - Daniel Walker Howe - A Short Summary and Review

A short summary of What Hath God Wrought:

The U.S. Antebellum.

My favorite quote from the book:

"History works on a long time scale, and at any given moment we can perceive its directions but imperfectly."

Questions to ponder while reading What Hath God Wrought:

How do you feel about state's rights?

Was this the history you learned?

My thoughts about What Hath God Wrought:

I now *LOATHE* the Polk presidency.

Bigotry has cost our nation so much.

There are (at least) two sides to any history.

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