The Manual - Epictetus - A Short Summary and Review

Glimpses of the Moon - Edith Wharton - A Short Summary & Review

A short summary of the book Glimpses of the Moon:

The business of marriage.

My favorite Edith Wharton quote from the book:

"It had evidently not occurred to her as yet that those who consent to share the bread of adversity may want the whole cake of prosperity for themselves.”

Questions I pondered while reading Glimpses of the Moon:

Why is so much work put into avoiding work?

Where does one find friends such as these?

My review of Glimpses of the Moon:

The trials, tribulations, and drama of the well-to-do are so entertaining, perhaps this is why we have the Kardashians.

I think I would rather have a job.

I think I would have rather stayed single.


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