The Stories of John Cheever - John Cheever - A Short Summary and Review


A short summary of The Stories of John Cheever:

Short (and sometimes sordid) stories on the day-to-day doings of New York's upper crust. 

My favorite John Cheever quote from the book:

"You don't really long for another country. You long for something in yourself that you don't have or haven't been able to find."

Questions to ponder while reading the book:

Do you seek out comfort?

What makes you cry?

My review of The Stories of John Cheever:

The (oh so fun to read about) drama-filled lives of the upper middle class.

Chock full of entertaining tales and thought-provoking narrations.

Crammed with lessons I wish I had learned earlier.

*Did you know? - John Cheever served in the US Army during World War II?  Read his Everyday Patriot biography here: A Soldier's Story: Private John Cheever


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