Never Lie - Frieda McFadden - A Short Summary and Review

Humans: From the Beginning - From the First Apes to the First Cities - Christopher Seddon - A Short Summary and Review


A short summary of Humans: From the Beginning:

How we (humans) became who we (humans) are.  It's a long story.

My favorite quote from the book:

"At some stage, humans became able to look into their own thoughts about how they themselves would behave in such situations."

Questions to ponder while reading the book:

Did you realize Jericho was (12,000 years!) so old?

Did you realize how much collaboration was required for all of our (human) advancements?

My review of Humans: From the Beginning:

Well-researched, well-documented, and well-written.

Tons of details and plenty of footnotes.

Surprisingly readable, although this isn't a book for relaxing on the beach with.

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