St. Margaret of Cortona - The Saint for Those Who Feel Forgotten

Dear Henry,

A little while ago I read The Life and Miracles of St. Margaret of Cortona by Father Giunta Bevengnati and I think she is an under-rated saint.

As an incorruptible, I am surprised how little is known about her.  She is the perfect saint for today.

She was born in 1247 and her mother died while she was young.

Her father remarried and a contentious relationship developed between her and her step-mother.  She left home as a teenager and became the mistress of a nobleman for the next ten years, bearing him a son.

One day, the nobleman didn't come home and his dog led St. Margaret to his murdered corpse.  She left his home, with her son, that same day. 

When she tried to return to her father's home, she was refused a place to stay and instead found herself in Cortona and at the mercy of the Franciscan friars.  Originally, her motives were suspect and it took her three years of petitions to gain acceptance into the Third Order.   She would struggle with her 
"reputation" her entire life.

She is the patron saint of the homeless, step-children, single mothers, and the insane.  In short,  she is the patron saint of the forgotten people, and these days, there are so many of those.

I have added the Basilica of Santa Margherita to my list of pilgrimages that I want to do.

I have also written a prayer to her, as I was struggling to find one that I felt.

xoxo a.d.

Prayer of St. Margaret of Cortona

Lord, I implore you to make me worthy of being enlightened;
to prevent me from making mistakes;
to keep me from falling over the edge;
to correct me so that I do not offend you;
to lead me to you, my teacher so that I do not go astray

St. Margaret of Cortona

Prayer to St. Margaret of Cortona

Dear St. Margaret of Cortona, please pray for me: 
Please pray that I may follow your example of devotion, even when many may question my belief. 
Please pray that I may always find ways to serve the forgotten, no matter my own situation. Please also pray that (....intention...) 
and that with your intercession I may find further peace in Christ.