Frida Kahlo

1937 photograph by Toni Frissell, from a fashion shoot for Vogue

Frida Kahlo, a painter from Mexico City, survived the un-survivable.  In 1925 she was nearly killed in an accident between a bus and a trolley.  She broke her spinal column, collar bone, some ribs, her pelvis, shattered her right leg  ( my personal definition of shattered,  I believe 11 fractures in one limb qualifies as shattered ), crushed her right foot, dislocated her right shoulder and pierced through her abdomen by a handrail.  She had to endure  medical treatment  for the remainder of her life, as many as 35 surgeries  and ultimately the amputation of her right leg below the knee.

I would be hard pressed to come up with a favorite, although I do have eight that I especially love (in no particular order).

  1. What Water Gave Me
  2. Roots
  3. Tree of Hope
  4. Without Hope
  5. Flower of Life
  6. Self Portrait with Bonito
  7. Memory

Her work is a vibrant diary of her life.  She took her pain and made it beautiful.
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Frida Kahlo Foundation

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