A Book to Read and Love: Fahrenheit 451 - Ray Bradbury

Short Summary of the book Fahrenheit 451:

Television is good, books are flammable. 

My favorite quote from the book:

"Stuff your eyes with wonder."

Questions to ponder while reading Fahrenheit 451:

Is book-burning every ok? 

Does society have to be made stupid to conform?

My thoughts about the book:

When it was written, television was in its infancy and people relied more on written media for information, there was also more dialogue between people. Fast forward sixty years into the future and you can see people absorbed within a digital world. Opinions are no longer formed through careful consideration after reading, discussion, and careful consideration but through a knee-jerk reaction to a headline and while I have nothing against mind-numbing entertainment, there is a danger in consistently allowing someone else to choose what entertains you.

Despite the book burning metaphor, I have never felt this book was mainly about censorship. To me, it is about a society so used to having entertainment and information blasted to them 24/7 that there is no time for thought and contemplation. When we give up our thoughts, we give up who we are as individuals, and in the extreme case of Fahrenheit 451, we become mindless, one-dimensional beings who have no concept of the real world, and because books are burned and asking questions is taboo, no way to become anything else.