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To Doodle

Meditation is good for you. Everyday there is an article somewhere touting the benefits, both mentally and physically, that you can be achieved through mediation.

To sit calmly and quietly, clearing your mind and focusing only on your breathing will lower your blood pressure, relieve stress , prevent heart attacks and just make you a nicer person to be around in general.

But honestly – who can meditate that way? I certainly can’t. I have such a chatty head that the minute I sit still, I begin to clear my head, it fills up with a new set of nonsensical topics and I am off on a tangent faster than you can imagine.

The Buddhists call this Monkey Mind.

So how do I meditate?

I have noticed that by adding some type of movement helps me achieve that stillness. When I run or swim, I can empty my mind, but I can also meditate while doodling creating what I believe that it is probably the most effective way for me to meditate and it seems to quiet the chatty head and help me calm my mind,…