A Book to Read and Love: The Island of Dr. Moreau - H.G. Wells

A short summary of The Island of Dr. Moreau:
The science that separates man from beast.

Questions to ponder while reading The Island of Dr. Moreau: What makes us human?
Can science go too far?
My thoughts about The Island of Dr. Moreau: Very disturbing.
Very savage.
Very hard to put down.

A Book to Read and Love: Marie Antoinette: An Intimate History - Melanie Clegg

A short summary of Marie Antoinette: The life and times of France's last queen.

Questions to ponder while reading Marie Antoinette: Have you ever wanted to be the queen?
How do revolutions begin?
My thoughts about Marie Antoinette:  A conversational look into a misunderstood queen.
Sympathetic and easy to read.
I love a good history book.

A Book to Read and Love: Agamemnon - Aeschylus

A short summary of Agamemnon: The tale of the Great Agamemnon, king and conqueror. (Spoiler: Karma gets involved)

Questions to ponder while reading Agamemnon: Can you get justice through revenge?
Can a family be cursed?
My thoughts about Agamemnon: Another perspective on the Trojan saga.
A must-read for history/mythology lovers.
Ancient literature at its finest.

A Book to Read and Love: Dreams, Memories, and Reflections - Carl Jung

A short summary of Dreams, Memories, and Reflections: The story of Carl Jung.

Questions to ponder while reading Dreams, Memories, and Reflections:
What do you think about when you reflect?
Do you dream?
My thoughts about Dreams, Memories, and Reflections: A must-read if you love psychology, history, or philosophy.
There is so much insight into "where" Dr. Jung came from.
I love that Dr. Jung was a doodler.

If You Can't Handle the Heat... with doodle 10.1.19

Dear Henry,

I have been blessed with an abundance of jalapeno peppers in my garden this year and I am burned out on poppers.

I also live in a humid area and can't string them up to dry.

Exploring my recipe collection this morning, I had an epiphany. 

Jalapeno Jelly!

The recipe I have is a small batch/refrigerator type jelly, which is fine with me.  I am always terrified I am going to give someone botulism when I can.


xoxo a.d.

Jalapeno Jelly
9         Jalapeno Peppers 3/4 C   Apple Cider Vinegar Dash    Salt 1 3/4 C Sugar  6TBSP Pectin
Finely chop (or use a food processor) 8 of the 9 peppers and add to a saucepan with the apple cider vinegar.  Heat until boiling and then reduce heat and let simmer for 20 min.  Strain out the pulp and return the liquid to the saucepan and the saucepan to the stove, adding additional water as needed to make 1/2 cup of liquid.  Add salt and sugar, stirring until sugar has dissolved.  Heat until a rolling boil that can't be stirred down, re…

Skipping Stones

Dear Henry,

Have you ever played the game Ducks and Drakes?


Maybe you played the game under a different name, skipping stones.

The term "Ducks and Drakes" first appeared in English literature in 1583 and, given the description, the rules of the game haven't changed much.

The object then, as now, is to skip a stone across the water more times than anyone else.  I did notice one difference though. It was once permissible to use oyster shells, rather than stones.

Oyster shells were prohibited after the 1972 Winter Rules Committee mandated Rule I, section 3aii.

Yes, there are rules to this game, because it is, in fact, an official sport. 

During the summer months, professional players at Ducks and Drakes (or skippers, or gerplunkers) travel the country to different events, most being held in the upper-midwest,  with the Mackinaw Island's 51st Invitational being the US's crowning event.  The skip of the day in 2019 was 20 skips.

There is a bigger, worldwide compe…

A Book to Read and Love: The Snow Child - Eowyn Ivey

A short summary of The Snow Child: Building a new life in Alaska.

Questions to ponder while reading The Snow Child: What haunts you?
Do you believe in fairy tales?
My thoughts about The Snow Child: I couldn't put it down.
I am such a sucker for a good fairy tale.
I want to play in the snow now.