All My Flowers: Impatience in Pinks

Dear Henry,

This is the hardest "garden" time for me. We have heavily seeded the flower beds and are now waiting for "something" to happen.

I have a lot of plants and everything in my flower beds is about to overflow, but it is all greenery and it is making me feel like the flower bed is full of weeds.

The only flowers that have bloomed are the Dianthus (pinks) and their blooms have had some staying power. 

The pinks have been the one cheery bright spot in the flower beds.

I have been pretty impressed with the Dianthus, it has weathered several hail and thunderstorms this Spring and has even survived being uprooted by the neighbor's dog, and kept blooming regardless.

I have read that the plant requires a lot of deadheading and that it was rather short-lived, but, so far, at least in my garden, the Dianthus is hard to beat.

xoxo a.d.