Acre - JW Swift - A Short Summary & Review

All My Flowers: Landscaping for the Long Game

Dear Henry,

In the summer of 2016, Fish and I purchased a beautiful home, with beautiful landscaping in a hidden corner of Northwest Arkansas.

We soon came to realize that the beautiful landscaping had been put in place to sell the home and was not at all suited for the slope of our lot.

Fish and I spent 2017 and the early part 2018 trying to "fix" this, giving up finally and pulled everything out.

We had just finished the roughing in the layout, laying the rock, and we had a few producing raised flower beds when a windstorm came through, knocked down several of our trees, and rearranged much of our landscaping.

I suppose I should be more upset about the changes, but really, isn't gardening all about the continual process?  The constant stream of tasks, is, largely the point.  It is a way to stay connected with the world on which we live. 

Plus it's fun.

I'm excited to keep you posted on the new garden's evolution.

xoxo a.d.