Meditation 4.23.19 - A Pen and Ink Tangle

A pen and ink doodle meditation in pink and purple and a blurb about food labeling.
Dear Henry,

Recently the state of Arkansas passed a law making it illegal for anything other than rice to be called "rice".

You see, due to the paleo/keto craze, "carbs", in the form of rice, wheat, and potatoes, have been subject to a lot of bad press, but because they are still popular foods, many people are turning to alternatives to get their carb fix.

These diets have created a huge industry in substitutions. In addition to zucchini noodles and broccoli tots, you can also get kale chips and cauliflower rice, all designed to satisfy any carb craving you could possibly have while maintaining your eating plan.

In the case of Arkansas, it is the cauliflower "rice" that has caused the recent legislative furor.  Arkansas is the number one grower of rice in the U.S. and is unwilling to accept any confusion regarding rice and its origins.

Cauliflower "rice", in Arkansas, must be called "riced cauliflower".

When I first heard about this law I thought it was the most ridiculous things I had ever come across.

Then I thought about it for a moment.

I remember reading once that children in large urban centers have gotten so far removed from food growth and production that they are unable to identify the source of common food items.  I can imagine, in cases such as these, that product labeling would matter.

That we are becoming a society that can not identify fruits, vegetables, and grains without precise product labeling make me a little sad and a little concerned.

I think everyone should know how to grow their own food.

xoxo a.d.

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