Meditation 4.22.19 - A Pen and Ink Tangle

A pen and ink meditation doodle in pink and grey and a blurb about generational roses.
Dear Henry,

Did you know roses can be passed down through the generations?

I knew they were hard to kill but I did not realize they live forever.*

* (Experts say the average is about 35 years but that article was  immediately flooded with comments talking about rosebushes lasting 200 years or more)

The first I heard of this was when my mother told me she had taken one of my grandmother's rosebushes, divided it, and planted those plants along the driveway of her first home.  She thought it was cool at the time, I think so too. 

More recently, I read an article about a rosebush that was now on its third generation (passed down through the oldest female child) and I thought, how touching. What an amazing way to keep a loved one "alive" and a family history intact.

I am inspired to try something like this, I do have a rosebush that I recently divided into three, but I have boys, and I can't imagine they are interested in roses.

I need to think of something else.

xoxo a.d.