Meditation 4.1.19 - A Pen and Ink Tangle

A pen and ink doodle meditation in pinks and turquoise and a blurb about precrastination.
Dear Henry,

I heard a new word today, precrastination, that defines how I tackle problems completely.

Precrastination defines those people who start planning on how to cross the bridge five bridges ahead. 

There are several problems with this, one being that I over-plan (and overthink) everything.

I tend to waste a bunch of time and energy in the over-plan/overthink department. Instead of focusing on the problem at hand (or sleeping), I am instead, packing everything I could possibly need, to cross a bridge that I am nowhere near crossing, a bridge that I may not cross for several years (or never), and one that I could probably find all the things I will need to cross the bridge, at the bridge, and if there isn't, I am sure I can find a store that sells one, so there isn't a need to pack at all, much less carry (or drag) the items around until then.

But I do.

From what I have read, the way to counteract such activities is to, of course, acknowledge the problem with it.  But I think most people who do this are well aware they are doing it.

I have discovered a trick though, and that is scheduling and I do mean scheduling.  Blocking out time for activities and to do items, including meditation and exercise, has helped me tremendously in not feeling overwhelmed by plans and projects.

It has also helped remind me that "I don't need to worry about that yet".

xoxo a.d.

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