Meditation 3.5.19 - A Pen and Ink Tangle

A pen and ink doodle meditation in pink and greens and a blurb about Eddie Rickenbacker.
Dear Henry,

The other day, someone asked me who I admired most.

It is hard to put forth someone as an example though, because, ultimately, everyone has flaws.

But there is someone to whom I admire a great deal and that is Eddie Rickenbacker

While his story of survival at sea for 24 days following the crash of his plane during WWII is commonly used in Alcoholic Anonymous meetings as an example of fortitude and perseverance  It wasn't his first plane crash.

His first occurred in 1941 and required more than a year to recover from.  Mr. Rickenbacker had just barely returned to society when his most famous wreck occurred.

Despite this, he managed to live a full and relatively healthy life for more than 30 years.  His book - "Rickenbacker: An Autobiography" is on my to-read list:

xoxo a.d.