Meditation 3.18.19 - A Pen and Ink Tangle

A pen and ink doodle meditation in pink and blue and a blurb about the #TrashTag Challenge
Dear Henry,

There is a new trend and I love it. The trend is called the #TrashTag challenge.

It is much better than Tide Pods.

In this challenge, you are to find a messy outdoor spot, take a picture, clean it up, and then take a second picture.

In other words, the challenge is to see how impressive you can make your trash collection.

I love this challenge and think it has been a long time coming (Fish has always collected garbage on our hikes, he has done it since I have known him (which has been for a really long time), I, shamefully, have not, as I am usually carrying camera equipment.  Fish, however, generally gets two bags full, so my husband is a great guy no?)

It was amusing, however, to see how soon this turned into a generational thing, with the young ones blaming the older generation for leaving them a mess and the older generation insisting teenagers start cleaning up when they are bored. Really, the problem is very simple, everyone should be doing this, rather than wasting time blaming or assigning chores.

I wonder how much we could actually get done if everyone did something, rather than just talk about it.

xoxo a.d.