Meditation 3.11.19 - A Pen and Ink Tangle

A pen and ink doodle meditation in greens and pink and a blurb about the last and best lines in a book.
Dear Henry,

Today, in the Washington Post, there was an article about books.

I was very excited because I love to read about books (almost as much as I love to read books).

Unfortunately, I disagree with Ron Charles.  I haven't ever found that the last line of any particular book being the one thing that stuck with me.  In fact, I am hard-pressed to come up with the final line of any book that I have read.

I don't think the last line is important. I think the best line is important.

That being said, he has an amazing list of books whose lines inspired him, many of which (Beloved, Frankenstein, Gone With the Wind, and The Great Gatsby etc) I have read and think I have discovered a good "best line" from the book.

Of course, there is the "Ultimate Best Line"  and I think that award goes to Shakspeare (of course) and can be found in his play a Comedy of Errors, "If she lives till doomsday, she'll burn a week longer than the whole world".

It is my favorite because it makes me laugh.

What is your favorite literary line?

xoxo a.d.