Meditation 2.6.19 - A Pen and Ink Tangle

A pen and ink doodle meditation in greens and a blurb about Oumuamua, off Jupiter.
Dear Henry,

Amid all of the political brouhaha, you may have missed the unidentified, intergalactic object floating about our solar system.

Called Oumuamua, it is thought to be an oddly behaving comet or some kind of weird space anomaly thing that is outside the scope of my scientific ability, but, after everything I have read, can be classified as "nothing to be concerned about".

There was, due to its speed, some thoughts (out of Harvard no less) that it may be "extra-terrestrial" but as of yet, there have been no radio transmissions received by the said object.  Of course, this is going off the assumption that they would communicate with radio waves and not use some other form of communication, of which we don't know (and may not know we don't know).  Again though, everything I have read leads me to believe that this is "nothing to be concerned about".

I wonder, with all of the polarization going on, what would happen if we did find out, for certain, that it wasn't just "us" (I will admit that my latest re-read of Contact could also be a factor in this line of internal questioning).

I wonder who will claim it as their "Thing"

xoxo a.d.