Meditation 1.17.19 - A Pen and Ink Tangle

A pen and ink doodle meditation in pink and blue and a blurb about actors and their characters.
Dear Henry,

Are you ever "drawn to" actors?

Is it their character or the actor themselves that you are drawn to?

I pondered that question and I have come to the conclusion that (at least in my case) it is the character I become enamored with, not necessarily the actor - although I do acknowledge it is the actor's skill that makes the character come to life.

I realized that it was the characters, more than the actors themselves, when I thought about the actor Orlando Bloom and, despite his successful and accomplished roles in the Lord of the Rings and the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, I struggle to picture him as anyone other than Paris in the movie Troy, a character I loathed.  He played the part too well.

I quickly drew up a list of my favorite "on screen" characters (and the actors who played them) - they are in no particular order.

  • Jules Winfield in Pulp Fiction, played by Samuel L. Jackson
  • Jean Villeneuve in The Patriot, played by Tcheky Karyo
  • Jane Bennett in Pride and Prejudice, played by Kiera Knightly*
  • Leroy Jethro Gibbs in NCIS, played by Mark Harmon
  • James T. Kirk in Star Trek, played by Chris Pine
  • Montgomery Scott in Star Trek, played by James Doohan
  • Worf in Star Trek, played by Michael Dorn
  • John Milton, in The Devil's Advocate, played by Al Pacino
  • Bren MacGuff in Juno, played by Allison Janney
  • Mary Poppins in Mary Poppins played by Julie Andrews**
  • Pam de Beaufort in True Blood, played by Kristen Bauer von Stratten* 
  • Inigo Montoya in the Princess Bride, played by Mandy Patinkin
                                       * They are also the character I loved in the book
                                   ** Queen Clarisse Renaldi in the Princess Diaries was a very close

Which "on screen" characters are your favorites?

xoxo a.d.

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