Meditation 12.29.18

a pen and ink doodle meditation in purple, black, and white and a blurb about Jean - Jacques Savin and retirement goals. Dear Henry,

I have decided who I want to be when I grow up and that is Jean Jacques Savin.

Mr. Savin is currently floating the Atlantic ocean in what amounts to a well-stocked bucket.


Why not?

No really, why not?

Mr. Savin, who has traveled the Atlantic Ocean three previous times by sailboat has decided that on this trip he would go where the ocean currents take him and he is bobbing through the Atlantic at the mercy of the ocean currents. While not the purpose of the trip, he is also dropping markers in the water to aid in oceanic studies about Atlantic water currents.  The trip is expected to take approximately three months and will include a special bottle of wine and foie gras celebration for his birthday.

I love the thought of exploring the world in such a casual manner, and to do so well fed.  My world exploration will have to take place in something more traditional, however, I am prone to sea-sickness and Mr. Savin's pod sounds as if it would definitely bring that on.

xoxo a.d.