Meditation 12.28.18

A pen and ink doodle meditation in grey, green, and pink and a blurb about the word wilt.
Dear Henry,

Have you ever wondered how words come into the lexicon?

I do, all of the time.  Today, for example, after realizing my lettuce's prime has passed, I contemplated the word "wilt".

Wilt is a great word. It is one of those words which immediately brings a picture to mind, in this case, the word "wilt" automatically causes one to picture sagging greenery or English ladies falling into chairs.

According to Merriam Webster - Wilt is the anglicized version of the German "erwelken" (same meaning), first appearing around 1691 and becoming an increasingly popular verb at the height of the salad bar craze of the late 1980s.

Today, wilt accurately described the salad mix in my refrigerator.

xoxo a.d.