Meditation 12.24.18

a pen and ink meditation doodle in burgundy and greens with a blurb about Silent Night.Dear Henry,

I think almost everyone is familiar with the tale of Silent Night and how the lyrics, written by Joseph Mohr were put to the music of a guitar by Franz Gruber because the small town of Oberndorf Austria didn't have a working organ.

What I didn't know was that the style of the melody also reflects the location of the hymns creation.

Gruber used the Siciliana musical style to create the melody. Siciliana is often associated with Italian gondoliers and fishermen and contains a rolling feel, much like the movement of water.  Oberndorf Bei Salzburg is a town located on the river Salzach and most of the residents at the time would have worked with the salt traders who, because of a boulder in the river, had to unload their barges and reload their barges. By using this style, Gruber gave a nod to the importance of the river and its meaning to the congregation.

Little did the two of them know, their hymn would become a smash hit, and, ultimately, become one of the most beloved Christmas hymns.

xoxo a.d.

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