Meditation 12.18.18

A pen and ink doodle meditation in purples and a blurb about the difference between algorithms and equations. Dear Henry,

This morning I was jolted awake at 3 am with one of "those" questions.

What is the difference between an algorithm and a math problem? 

You see, I have often wondered how we could have computer algorithms that were developed prior to the development of computers. 

According to Merriam Webster, an algorithm is a "procedure for solving a mathematical problem". In other words, algorithms are the "Math Rules" we were taught growing up.

Computer programing is ultimately the art of stating the problem mathematically and then creating an algorithm to solve it - or rather, just Google it, many problems have already been solved!

There is a book series -  "The Art of Computer Programing" by Dr. Donald Kuhl - that explores, in incredible depth, the algorithms that define computer design. 

I am not sure that I am brave enough to try and read that.

xoxo a.d.