Meditation 12.14.18

A pen and ink doodle meditation in purples and a blurb about how holiday traditions change.Dear Henry,

I read on Quite Interesting this morning that it is traditional to roller skate to church on Christmas day in Caracas Venezuela. 

We don't have any traditions quite as exciting here.  In fact, we are at a crossroads with our holiday traditions.  We no longer have little children and our children have plans of their own.  For the first time, Fish and I are no longer responsible for the whole shebang.

A liberating feeling for sure, but, I have been a little adrift this holiday.  What am I supposed to do? 

We are working on creating new traditions and plan on establishing Christmas Day Brunch as our designated "family" time.

Until then, I am just doing what I want to do, including making fudge.  From scratch.  Keep your fingers crossed.

xoxo a.d.

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