Meditation 12.10.18

a pen and ink doodle meditation in blues and a blurb about mistaken identity on the internet and its embarassing aftermath.Dear Henry,

I am incredibly embarrassed, I thought I knew someone and it turns out I didn't.  Of course, I didn't realize that I didn't know them until after I shared a rambling and somewhat off the wall story.

You see, I have a Goodreads account and for the last year or so I have been following a fellow reader named M*** who I thought was my friend M*** from Utah. We seem to have similar tastes and reading habits and, using the information gleaned from Goodreads, I would occasionally send M*** from Utah book recommendations based upon  M*** on Goodreads' reading list.

Yesterday I noticed "we" were not friends on Goodreads which I thought was odd, as we were friends everywhere else, so I sent M*** on Goodreads a friend request and answered M***'s required two questions.

Neither question seemed out of M*** from Utah's character.

One of his questions was to relate my favorite pun.  While I don't have a favorite "pun" per se, I do love them and I ended up relaying a "punny" story about an interaction I had with my youngest son, who I often call Boo.

*****A bit of trivia - Donkeys are unafraid of canines and, in fact, will often attack them, so farmers in this area will put donkeys in their pastures to protect their other livestock.*******

One day, while Boo and I were driving past the pasture up the road and the resident donkey was acting quite mean and aggressive. Noticeably so.  Boo turned to me and said, "Wow, I didn't realize they were such asses." 

I also added to this "BTW, have I ever mentioned how much I love my kid?"

Anyway, M*** on Goodreads accepted my friend request, which revealed his last name and location and I realized, belatedly that this is not, in fact, my friend M*** from Utah.

Have I mentioned that I am incredibly embarrassed?

I am not sure what to do now, I mean I certainly don't object to a new friend (can you seriously have too many?) but I did befriend (and probably overshare a bit with) a total stranger, perhaps I should acknowledge that?  Maybe I should just pretend this is normal and act like I meant to do this?.  I checked but my version of "Emily Post's Etiquette"   but it doesn't contain a solution for this situation.

xoxo a.d.