A Meditation In Ink: Meditation 12.3.18

A pen and ink doodle meditation in orange and blue with a blurb about the book The Covenant by James Michener. Dear Henry,

I have just cracked open the pages of my first James Michener novel.

Go ahead, gasp, Dad did.

He does have a point, I do read a lot of historical fiction and I am also working my way through everything that has won either the National Book Award or the Pulitzer Prize.  So James Michener was definitely on the "to read" list. I just hadn't gotten to him yet.

In any case, Dad was so appalled he mailed me his copy of "The Covenant".

I must say, this is a hard read.  Not because of the writing style nor is it because of a bad storyline.  It is because the book is about South Africa, a country I know only two things about 1 - It has had a real problem with apartheid and 2- They are running out of drinking water.  So, with every page, I have to keep googling something and then try and figure out where I was on the page.

It isn't a bad process (it is actually quite fun, I am learning a lot), but a slow one and one that is forcing me to realize that the reading goal I set on Goodreads was entirely too ambitious this year.

xoxo a.d.

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