A Meditation in Ink: Meditation 11.5.18

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Pen and ink meditative doodle using bambooz and ribbon variations.
Dear Henry:

Today was a "think before you speak" type of day. 

It reminded me of a rule, which is - Some subjects shouldn't be talked about in an open forum and if they are being talked about, perhaps you shouldn't enter the conversation.

It also reminded me of another rule, which is - Know exactly what is being discussed prior to entering into a conversation.

I had actually broken the second rule first, and because the first rule can be volatile.... yes, someone got upset. Sign.

I am currently reading Shogun by James Clavell - and like Bushido by Nitobe it is about the Samurai. (although Shogun is a work of fiction).  I am really enjoying the book, but I realize I would struggle with the Samurai culture...I can't seem to think before I speak.

xoxo a.d.

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