A Meditation In Ink: Meditation 10.8.18

www.riteoffancy.com #RiteOfFancyDear Henry,

How does your garden grow? 

I had seen a video today about helping others, using plants as an example.  In the video, it talked about how we "help" people too much by providing them everything they need and not allowing them to develop their "roots' and foster their growth and we should "step back" and allow them to struggle a little.

I agree with most of what he said, however, I wish he would have mentioned that why it may not be a good idea to remove someone's struggles, I think that the biggest form of help we can provide others is cheerleading. Everyone wants to know that they are struggling forward, not just floundering in a puddle. Telling someone "you got this" or "look at you go" can never be overdone. I think everyone needs to hear supportive messages.

xoxo a.d.