A Meditation In Ink: Meditation 10.24.18

www.riteoffancy.com #RiteOfFancyDear Henry,

Would you stay at a haunted hotel? 

After long consideration, I am going to have to say I can't imagine doing it, and it isn't the fear factor.

Most haunted hotels are a little pricer. 

I am not against expensive rooms, I love the pampering experience, but, if I am going to pay extra, I want to be either well rested or seeing some ghosts.

These hotels can't guarantee the compliance of their resident ghosts, so a siting is rather hit or miss.

But since I will be up all night waiting to see some ghosts, I won't be well rested.

The whole affair just sounds frustrating.  I may as well spend the night at a Hilton.

xoxo a.d.