A Meditation In Ink: Meditation 10.22.18

Meditation 10.22.18Dear Henry,
I hate it when a book is disappointing.  There are a few ways that books can be disappointing, like having a really cool cover, but not having anything worth reading on the inside. Or one that everyone recommends but you absolutely hated and you don't understand what they saw in it that you couldn't see.  and finally, the last kind, one that starts out really good but goes on too long.  Those are the worst kind of disappointments.

I just finished one of those and I am frustrated.  It started out sooooo goooood.

And then, because the story couldn't wrap itself up, I wanted to kill all of the characters (particularly Patty, Walter, and Joey,  but particularly Patty) because their story just took too damn long.

I was bummed.

xoxo a.d.

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