Meditation In Ink - Meditation 9.8.18 - Pen and Ink Doodle #RiteOfFancy
Meditation 9.8.18 - a.d.elliott
  I think I am too excited for Halloween.  I love Halloween. Although we haven't really "celebrated" it for years.  I am thinking about making popcorn balls and candied apples this year.  Plus, I think, I will use candles for the pumpkins.  I switched over to the glow sticks but I realized, I really miss the smell of candle roasted pumpkin.

I miss trick or treaters too.  I know the trunk and treats are safer for the children, but, seriously, Halloween, with its myriad of demons, superheroes, and fairy princesses, was fun.  I wish we could have come up with a better idea than a collection of cars in a parking lot.

xoxo a.d.

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