A Meditation in Ink: Meditation 9.4.18

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I seem to have been reading a lot about war lately, both through the newspapers, the books I have been working through, and, of course, Everyday Patriot.

That a "civilized" nation resorts to violence still shocks me. Wars, in my mind, should be something that we relegate to the annuals of history, and should not exist any longer, especially since the world has televisions and internet access.  We, as a people, should have outgrown this period of violence, like toddlers grow out of temper tantrums.

When does a civilization grow out the violent period? Is it even possible to? Why can't everyone just be kind? Or at least not cruel, even indifference between nations and ideologies would be a significant improvement to the hatred.

I think we need to learn to be silent, not offended when we don't agree.

xoxo a.d.