A Meditation in Ink: Meditation 9.19.18

Meditation 9.19.18Dear Henry,
I gave up on a book and I feel guilty about it.  There have been plenty of books I didn't finish, but this one has gotten under my skin. It was a book "I was supposed to like" and didn't.

This book was a collection of writings by a well-known philosopher and I had such a problem with his writing, I couldn't even absorb what he was writing about.

The writer hit upon one of my biggest pet peeves - Sesquipedalian writing.  I am a fan of using the right word, not the biggest. 

It isn't a vocabulary thing, it is a cadence thing.

and I think it is the biggest limitation of academics.  I believe they would get their ideas out so much better if they could master vocabulary.

xoxo a.d.

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