Criticism Gracefully?

Criticism happens.

As a photographer, I occasionally get evaluations of my work.

Recently I got one that stung.

After a view indignant rants (in the privacy of my studio and without an audience). I then took a few Zen moments, collected myself and looked again at this latest analysis of my work.

I reminded myself what  Nita Leland wrote in The New Creative Artist 

 "A rejection doesn't necessarily indicate a piece is bad, only that the standards used for evaluating the work are different from yours"

I could see where his points of complaint were,  I complemented him on his eye and thanked him for his feedback.

I would like to point out my displeasure in the tacky manner in which I received the assessment.  Les Giblin writes in The Art of Dealing with People the rules of a successful criticism,  the first rule being, do it privately (versus a public comment in an online gallery, attached to the very image itself).

For that transgression,  I am using the retort of my beloved Carrie Fisher  "Blow us"