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My Pretty Cake

These days everyone is to busy to bake.  It’s a shame, because purchased baked goods don’t seem to have the same sense of love that homemade baked goods have.
Personally, I am not a fan of bakery cakes or boxed cake mixes.  I think they are to sweet. I feel the same way about heavy buttercream frostings and fondants. 
I love crumbly, coarse, rustic cakes with whipped cream and fruit, the kind that go well with ciders, espressos or a good cabernet.
mirabile dictu *Note* This recipe is designed for 6,000 FT above sea level.  Reduce flour, liquids and/or adjust cooking times for your altitude. Ingredients: Cake (serves 9 to 10): 1 cup almond milk3.5 oz. dark chocolate (70% cacao or greater), broken into pieces2 cups & 2 tbsp. spelt flour1/2 tsp. sea salt1 tsp. baking soda1 cup dark brown sugar1 cup sugar1 cup coconut oil3 large eggs1 tsp. vanilla extract Whipped Cream: 4 oz. cream cheese1 cup whipped cream1/4 cup sugar1 tsp. vanilla Raspberry Filling 10 oz. frozen raspberries2 tbsp. …